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  • Hardens and protects wood from the inside out.
  • Retards fungus, rotting, insects and molds.
  • Perfect for commercial, industrial and residential use.
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable.
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Wood Sealer X-1 is a lifetime non-toxic, environmentally friendly and non-flammable penetrating sealer. It hardens, preserves and waterproofs wood to increase its life expectancy.

Wood Sealer X-1 eliminates the need to use hazardous wood preservatives that contaminate ground soil, rivers, ponds and lakes.

Wood Sealer X-1 is a low viscosity, odorless, clear liquid which can be easily applied to bare wood. It then chemically reacts internally with the alkali in the wood to form a hard crystalline gel embedded in the pores of the wood waterproofing it permanently. It is applied with a sprayer, brush or roller and the coverage rate is approximately 300 sf/gallon per application and two applications are recommended.

Wood Sealer X-1 will improve the durability of wood helping to protect against termites and other wood destroying insects. It creates a “glass like” barrier around the internal wood cells making them harder to penetrate.

Wood Sealer X-1 retards fungus and mold growth damage. It hardens the surface to increase both the strength and abrasion resistance of the wood.

Wood Sealer X-1 will not alter the texture or other physical characteristics of the wood and it will retain its natural color for a much longer time. It also acts as a primer if varnish, stains or paints are subsequently applied.

Wood Sealer X-1 is highly effective in a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential applications including fences, patios, decks, cedar shingles, barns, sheds, bridges, docks, window boxes & planters.

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Free shipping on orders over $200!

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